Current Match - TS via IVF

1/1/2009 ~ It's Official ~ Matched for a TS via IVF ~ I get to carry Baby C's sibling!
1/14/2009 ~ My IM had her clinic consult with Mainline (Dr. Glassner)
2/10/2009 ~ We had our orientation session and first round of testing to start the 6-month wait time. 

Scheduled! - Our Psych consultation with all of us is scheduled for April 17th.  Wish us luck!

Cycle...We plan to start cycling with my August 2009 AF.  That's a first transfer in September if all goes well. 

2006 to 2008 - Surrogacy and Baby C

4/2006 ~ signed with an agency
5/2006 ~ Match, contracts, psych and physical screening
6/2006 ~ My first transfer at SIRM as a GS - A transfer of two blasts created from eggs 10 years older than I was, fertilized in a dish, and then frozen for 4 months.  Ended in a miscarriage 8/2006

12/2006 ~ Cycled again with SIRM as a GS for a different couple but no embryos survived the thaw
2/2007, 3/2007, 4/2007, and 5/2007 - TS attempts with home insems.  Some early positives but ultimately BFN.  Decided to stop insem attempts.

6/2007 ~  The month Baby C was conceived.  Surprise!
3/15/2008 ~ Beware the Ides of March.  Baby C delivered.  Placed in private adoption.

5/2008 ~ Match
6/2008 ~ Contracts, Psych, and Clinic Screening
8/2008 ~ Cycled with CCIRM but cycle canceled when the egg donor and I slipped out of synch.  
10/2008 ~ Surprise!  My IM cycled herself and was pregnant.  

Before Surrogacy...

5/2000 ~ Dropped out of high school at 17 and moved out of mom's house
8/2000 ~ GED

1/2001 ~ confirmed first pregnancy (my depo shot baby)
9/2001 ~ S. Dawn born on her due date

8/2002 ~ Started school for medical assisting
2/2003 ~ confirmed second pregnancy while learning how to do quantitative beta serum tests in school.  That was a shock.  Lunelle injections combined with antibiotics back in October 2002...yikes!
7/2003 ~ Graduated with medical assisting and phlebotomy certifications.  Delivered J. Raven and placed in semi-open adoption

1/2004 ~ back to school for a different major
2/2004 ~ confirmed 3rd pregnancy (birth control pills and condoms) and opted not to abort.
3/2004 ~ laid off from my job
8/2004 ~ mom needs a second open heart surgery at the age of 39.  She was in the hospital for 8 weeks total. 
11/2004 ~ delivered J. Morrigan and placed in open adoption with different parents because Raven's parents were currently pregnant and due in March of 2005.  I didn't feel comfortable with the spacing so I found different parents since I still did not feel able to parent a second child.