Escaped onto the Net

These are blogs and other writings both active and dead.  Some haven't been written in lately or for a long time.  Some I try to write in.  There are blogs and essays and poems.


Dead or Mostly Dead

Yahoo 360

The old posts are still there but private so no one can read them except me.  I need to just archive them as a word file but it's a big project.  That blog was started in April of 2006 and ran until March 2008. 

My Space

My last update was 9/8/2007 and I can no longer log in to make it private.  :(

Hidden Path on Blog

No more posts will go there.  It's officially done.  I archived all old posts.

Stork Tales on Blog

The surrogacy blog.  It is also all archived except an update post. 

my Word Count Journal - oops! 

If you happen to find a blog that I've lost, please bring it to my attention so I can include it here.