A Blank Notebook

I'm not an author.  Author implies published works.  I'm not anywhere near that level but I enjoy writing and keeping a journal is part of that need to write.  It helps me keep my thoughts in order.  I've had other blogs to write in and play with but a fresh start is like a blank notebook.  It allows for change and growth.  Life would be boring without change.  But I'm still me and really in some ways, it's the same old things. 

Here are the Blogs:

Stray Thoughts - Parenting, random things, and my journey as a bio-mom in open adoption.

Surrogacy - My journey as a traditional surrogate so that my youngest daughter can have a sibling. 

Oh the places you'll go...

SMO is a big crazy busy surrogacy website that I joined back in 2006.  Amazingly, it's interesting enough to keep me checking it several times per day even if I'm not actively posting.

I'm still experimenting with Facebook but I did set one up...here...if I have the link right.

I've been playing with Helium too... 

And you can find the other sites I've played with here.

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